We offer Solutions

Knowledge you can trust with over 30 years experience in defense Workers Comp claims handling. Our mission is to provide the best lien resolution and file management by professionals for our clients. At WCSI, we concentrate on your needs. We are here to help you succeed.


Our panel of certified interpreters are ready to assist with on-site interpreting as well as telephonic or virtual needs.  This includes medical appointments, medical-legal evaluations, hearings, depositions, statements and needed communication/discussions.   Let us know if you require a document to be translated or drafted.   We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer services, last minute referrals are not a problem.  


WCSI has a proven track record when it comes to completing walk-throughs. We guarantee 48-72-hour turn-arounds. Avoid the potential of getting the case set for Adequacy Hearings. Don’t send your claims elsewhere when drafting documents, our office can handle it. We will meet with the injured worker and secure signatures.  Settlement document drafting and walkthroughs are completed properly and swiftly. Our company’s structure allows us the ability to meet your every need whether common or rare. Don’t worry about what area we cover, we can represent your interest in Southern and Northern California. 


WCSI has quality representatives who can properly litigate in your favor, reach settlements, and remove matters off calendar. Hearings are unnecessarily continued, improperly litigated and always seem to be on calendar. We cover a wide range of hearings. We guarantee effective and aggressive representation. Our reputation and history of successful litigation speaks for itself.  We fight for you! Last minute appearances are no problem.


Let’s face it, sometimes understanding and negotiating liens isn’t easy as it seems.   Our team at WCSI is comprised of agents who can defend your interest when others cannot.   Our internal, certified bill review team can provide real-time guidance to all stakeholders to ensure the lien is resolved for an equitable amount.   We use the labor code and caselaw in disputing and resolving excessive treatment, non-billable services, delay tactics, and unreasonable demands.   We stay in constant communication while aggressively pursuing resolution.  Allow us the opportunity to work alongside your team in reducing claim durations and the overall cost of risk. 

Avoid paying expensive law firm fees. A law firm on average closes files 6 months to a year, or even more. We have a proven record of closing files on average of 45 days. Our office provides Lien Status Updates outlining our review and analysis of each outstanding lien claim with a detailed plan of action.